Safari Options

Safaris can be infinitely expensive (imagine $3,000 a night per person!), yet it can also be fairly affordable (say $300 a night) – why is there such a huge rate disparity?

Yellow Kudu broadly class the properties we feature as Comfort, Delightful and Indulgent. There are also some variations as Super Indulgent in South Africa, Delightful Plus in Botswana and mobile safaris in Botswana & Tanzania

On request, we can arrange camping sites for thrill seekers on road trip adventures.

There is also another category, Resort, which are too big for our liking – we are heading into the wilderness to find animals and not hordes of other tourists, no?

Below are our general opinions on the difference based on five crucial factors to help you decide which category to go for. We are always happy to talk you through.