About Us

Story of Yellow Kudu

Yellow Kudu is not about a big, revolutionary concept.

We are about realizing travellers’ desire to travel better and privately without the pain of planning it themselves.

This is why our journeys are defined by three core beliefs:

  1. True Wanderlust, beyond venturing to less common and unexpected places off the tourist trail, we never shy away from certain typical touristy destinations, yet with a spirit of reimagining how it could be done better.
  2. Technology is wonderful, but nothing beats a Human Touch in crafting your special personal holiday.
  3. Private travel (read more below) is not merely about decking out the trip with expensive options. The choice is yours to be more Down to Earth and pocket friendlier, or to be as Indulgent as you desire.

Our Commitment: Unconventional yet Accessible

In the travel industry, unconventional usually hints at a premium. 

While we do not charge peanuts, we strive for more down to earth rates to be accessible for more wanderlust travellers to enjoy unconventional journeys, be it uncovering off the beaten track gems or discovering classic destinations in a different light.

It is akin to paying a little more for a specialist doctor, for a limited-edition hobby item, for a customized set of clothes or jewellery, or for an indulgent gourmet restaurant.

Therefore, if travelling is your passion, why not treat yourself to a journey where a professional organizes the details for you?

Where will your wanderlust lead you?

What is a Private Holiday?

Yellow Kudu is not about putting you on a big bus group tour & a rigid and packed program you have to follow whether you like it or not.

We are about creating a well-designed holiday with all the essential components (tours, transfers/car rental & accommodation etc.) arranged just the way you prefer.

All services are booked beforehand so all you have to do is follow our instructions in the final itinerary & enjoy your holiday!

What our clients say

“Trust this man, he listens and will definitely plan the memory you wish to experience”


Finance Manager

“Thank you Yellow Kudu For an amazing experience in Faroe Islands with my fiancé.”

Sara Lee

Finance Manager

“Thank you Yellow Kudu For an amazing experience in Faroe Islands with my fiancé.”

Sara Lee

Finance Manager

Our Trips in Action